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The webpage of SmartFactory Laboratory in Kyung Hee University

Welcome to SmartFactory Lab

SmartFactoryLab is a research group at the department of Industrial and Management in Kyung Hee University. Our aim is to maximize the productivity and interoperability of factory system by using digital twin and artificial intelligence.

We develop the augmented reality applications to support novice technician in the shop-floor and edge computing services to analyze tremendous signals of machine tools. We want to be able to build the solutions to realize SmartFactory leading to factory re-shoring.

We are located in the region of manufacturing and research of Semiconductor companies and Machine tools companies. Internationally we exchange ideas and work with SmartFactoryKL and DFKI (German research center for Artificial intelligence) where are the origin of Industry 4.0 and SmartFactory all over the world.

We are looking for passionate new PhD students and Master students to join in the team! Please contact with Prof. Jay Um.

Slide of lab introduction